CTTS began as a training company in 1985, during a period of exploding interest in using computers for document and media creation. While teaching on site nationwide, our founders Patricia Fraley and Kathy McConnell recognized the opportunity for innovative growth within this new spectrum of technology. Training didn't have to be static; the evolving landscape of technology could be utilized to create more interactive and more effective content for our clients. Since then we have custom-built and delivered a multitude of eLearning projects, from employee training for companies like Talgo and Manatron, to massive digital training libraries hosted on our own proprietary Learning Management Systems for global customers like GE Aviation and Areva. Our ongoing relationship with clients such as these, and our ability to work safely with their extremely sensitive documents and materials, has earned us a reputation as a well-trusted team of professionals.

The progressive manner in the way sharing and maintaining data has changed over the years, and we have embraced that change. We have built and curated custom databases for clients with information needs since the beginning, making their data more accessible and extensible, and reducing overall paper consumption. GE has relied on our data management expertise for decades, utilizing our document conversion and retention services in departments such as Rail, Energy, Systems and Aviation.

In 2005 we developed EasyAppsOnline, our popular web application providing online health insurance enrollment with direct, secure connections to carriers. Today EasyAppsOnline is used by hundreds of brokers and businesses in all fifty states, with well over a million enrollments.

As desktops increasingly take a backseat to mobile and cloud-based platforms, we have looked to those platforms to provide better solutions for our clients. In 2011 we transformed GE Aviation’s paper training materials for their CTEC facilities into a single application for iOS and Android devices. This provided the students with interactive exams and audiovisual reference guides for more engaging learning and better retention, and the facility with greater security over their proprietary materials. Ever since, we have provided many more secure, custom applications to clients to make their training more extensible and accessible.

We've had the opportunity to work with some great people, such as SIGN Fracture Care in Richland, WA: a global team of surgeons and first responders providing free orthopaedic care in hospitals throughout many developing countries. We created the video training for their proprietary SIGN nail systems, and built the initial surgical database that allowed them to track their patients and equipment worldwide.

Over the years, producing so much video for training allowed us to begin offering full-service video production services. As such we have filmed a number of exciting projects and stories, and met some amazing people. In addition to providing promotional and marketing productions to companies such as Lykins Energy Solutions and Procter & Gamble, we work with local organizations like the Clermont Chamber of Commerce to highlight innovative businesses and introduce leaders in the community. We've also filmed and produced several short films about great organizations, which has taken us to places like Haiti to tell the story of the La Croix Haiti Mission and Vaugelas Pierre.

As technology continues to change, we will adapt as we have in the past to provide the best possible products, and work with charitable organizations like SIGN to give back. We are and always have been dynamic, innovative and ever-evolving.

We are and always have been dynamic. As technology evolves, we look to new ways to innovate and provide our customers increasingly useful tools for their business.
We never say no.
— Patricia Fraley, CEO


CTTS Inc. is proud of the reputation we have earned over the years delivering leading edge technology at an affordable cost. We have received several awards for our outstanding performance and customer service, in addition to being recognized annually as one of the largest woman-owned businesses in the tri-state area for over a decade. It has been our endeavor to create products that improve the way we all work.

Our awards include:

  • Named one of the Largest Tri-State Women-Owned Businesses by Business Courier for the past 20 years

  • Vendor Excellence Award from Westinghouse in Richland, WA (Hanford Nuclear Facility)

  • US Army Award of Service for program development and training

  • Child Focus Award for Humanitarian Recognition

  • Medal of Service from Kiwanis for SIGN projects